About Us

Hello and thank you coming by! My name is Brenan Gale and I am the founder and CEO of Utah SEO OG, Utah's best and most experienced SEO company. 

So you're probaly asking yourself, "Why makes you the best?".

That's a good question, and it comes down to just four reasons:

#1 We have more experience providing SEO to Utah businesses (in every industry) than anyone or any other company. In 2009, I founded Be Locally SEO and over the next 9 years we became Utah's #1 SEO firm for Utah businesses. We were well-known for following through, and getting our customers the results they hired us for. In 2018, we sold Be Locally SEO to our largest competitor.  

Sold Be Locally SEO

#2 Not only are we the most experienced, but we actually do what it takes to achieve great results for every one of our customers. We never cut corners and we always focus on quality. This mindset is what sets us apart from all the other "set and forget" SEO companies.

#3 You receive personalized attention! While many of the larger companies say they're going to do SEO for you, we find that they actually do very little, and you rarely hear from them. On the contrary, we follow through for our customers every time, and stay in close contact as your go-to digital marketing team. We also provide monthly progress reporting so you can see first hand the fruits of our labor that you pay for. 

#4 We have no long-term commitments! We understand that ss long as we follow through, and do what we say we will do, you'll keep us around. We live or die by our word with our customers, which means we either keep you as a happy customer, or lose you forever. 

For these reasons, I ask that you give us a chance to prove it. We'll make your investment well worth every penny, and I promise you wont be disappointed!

Thank you!

Utah SEO Original Guru - Brenan Gale